Restaurant Dining Room Interior

Reservations and large parties are gladly accepted. We require a minimum charge of $250 for reserved parties of 25 or more.  Our private dining room seats up to 16 persons and is available for reservations. The raised dining area is a semi-private section of the restaurant that is available for reservations for up to 40 persons. 

To make your reservation, call 574-631-2582 or use the online reservation system below.

Custom birthday and celebration cakes are available with 72 hours notice. Notre Dame department account charges can be used for purchases at Legends. Full account numbers and department name are required.The cost and portion size for these cakes is as follows:

  • Round cake serving up to 12 portions - $14.95
  • Half sheet cake serving up to 30 portions - $25.00
  • Full sheet cake serving up to 60 portions - $50.00